Creating Individual Blogs For EYFS Pupils (WordPress App Compatible)

Stage 1 – Adding A New Blog

  • In WordPress, log-in as ‘SuperAdmin’
  • Go to ‘Sites’ > ‘Add new’
  • Enter the site address: e.g. callums (first name and surname initial)
  • Enter the site title: e.g. Callum’s Blog
  • Enter the Admin Email , e.g. the class teacher

Stage 2 – Adding Users to the Blog

  • Locate the blog that you have just created on ‘Sites’.
  • Hover and click ‘edit’
  • Add a new user and set role as ‘Administrator’ 
  • Click ‘Update Options’

Stage 3 – Privacy Settings & Remote Publishing

  •  Locate the blog. Hover and click on ‘dashboard’ of blog.
  •  Locate ‘Settings’ (left hand menu) and then ‘Privacy’.
  •  Select the following option: I would like only logged in users who are registered subscribers to see my blog.
  •  Save changes
  •  On ‘Settings’, click ‘Writing’ and tick both boxes:

Stage 4 – Widgets (Meta, Tag Cloud, Recent posts, Recent Comments)

  • Add a ‘Tag Cloud’ widget to each blog by going on the backend of each blog. Find ‘Widget’ in the ‘Appearance’ section.
  • Drag A ‘Tag Cloud’ into the sidebar.
  • Title = Areas of Learning
  • Taxonomy = Post Tags

Stage 5 – Put Blog on iPod Touch

  • On iPod, load WordPress app. Get list of blogs.
  • Click ‘+’ (top right hand corner).
  • Add self hosted wordpress blog.
  • Put in URL, e.g.
  • Put WordPress username and password in.
  • Add site.
  • You can bulk upload a class set of blogs.

Writing A Post

  • Write a post by clicking on the child’s blog.
  • Click on ‘Posts’.
  • Click on the ‘Writing’ icon in the top right hand corner.
  • Fill in the title.
  • Put in the tags (standard tags for Foundation Stage)
  • Ignore categories and status.
  • Tap screen to begin writing. Write your message.
  • Clicking ‘Publish’ will send it straight to blog.
  • Clicking ‘Save’ will list your message under ‘Posts’ for editing.

Adding Photos

  • Click on ‘Posts’
  • Click on ‘Media’
  • Click on ‘+’ to add posts
  • Choose small/medium